Bracelet-Gem Leaf

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Beautiful hand crafted and made in Turkey
Dipped in Gold Gem Stones Cubic Zirconia

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Hand made in Turkey. Delicate.
Brass based dipped in Gold.
Gem Stones and Cubic Zirconia.
Slight variations in stone settings and colour.

SIZE: from end to end approx. 9.6 inches 24.384 cm
PLEASE NOTE: Variation in Hand crafted and hand made jewellery from 0.03 inches 0.07 cms
This bracelet does fit small and larger wrists sizes.
Gently slide the middle bobble up and down to size.

IMPORTANT: This product is hand crafted and made it is delicate custom jewellery MUST NOT be worn to bed and MUST be handled with care at all times.

TO USE: Gently, pull down the middle bobble and slide all the way down to the end of the chain.
Gently slide the middle bobble up and down to size.
Do not pull on the balls at the end of the chain. They are decorative and not for strenuous use.
Use the bubble slide at all times when putting on and taking off the bracelet.
Do not wear during exercise.

Lay flat and store in a clean environment free from dust like a jewellery box, for longer life.

This product has been tested on various skin types who suffer allergic reactions to plated jewellery.

No allergic reactions were found or reported.

We hope you enjoy this beautiful product.

7 reviews for Bracelet-Gem Leaf

  1. Liz D

    very different best custom hand made jewellery ive ever seen can’t stop admiring it each time I wear it

  2. Dehlia

    love this bracelet its so beautiful

  3. Mindie

    every one makes comments when I wear this bracelet because it is striking and beautiful

  4. Chrissy

    quality and beautiful

  5. Alexander

    I bought this braclet as well – lovely

  6. Tee

    Classy good value

  7. Genia

    Most stunning bracelet

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